Create your own bowl with a variety of fresh ingredients: meats, veggies, noodles. Then, create your own sauce from a variety of sweet and spicy combinations. Next, watch them sizzle… This is how we do it.

1) Select Your Bowl 

We have large, small, and kids’ size bowls.

2) Choose Your Ingredients

Pick your proteins, add your veggies, and choose your starch (noodles).

3) Create Your Sauce

You can choose from a wide variety of sweet and spicy combinations.

4) Sizzle the Combined Ingredients

We sizzle up and blend your ingredients.

5) Enjoy Your Signature Meal

Also, choose a side, from Brown Rice, White Rice, Salad, Egg Drop Soup or Miso Soup.


Traditional appetizers are a delicious beginning to a meal for yourself, or your party. Choose from Spring Rolls, Shrimp Tempura, and Fried Chicken Dumplings.

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