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What types of noodles are available for my bowl?

We have rice, ramen and egg noodles to choose from, depending on your preference. Any of our staff may assist, upon your request.

What kind of sauces may I choose for my bowl?

We have a wide variety of sauces and you can mix any of the sauces, based on personal taste. Any of our staff can assist you, upon request.

If I can’t finish my dine-in meal, can I get a carryout container?

Yes, for bowl ingredients, but not for soup or salad side dishes.

Is this all-you-can-eat? Can we make multiple trips through the line?

No. “Build Your Own Bowl” is limited to one time only. However, the soup, rice and salad bar is offered unlimited to all customers.

Do you have anything gluten-free?

Absolutely! All of the vegetables and all of the meats are gluten-free. We also have gluten-free soy sauce and several other GF sauces.

Can I have fried rice in my bowl instead of noodles?

Yes. When you are choosing ingredients, skip the noodles. Reserve room in your bowl so that fried rice can be added on top.


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